Trending Now: Haircuts and Color

Trending Now: Haircuts

The Lob is going nowhere fast. Let’s face it, it is the perfect haircut when going shorter. Plus, it is so flattering of haircut length. The haircut looks great either with beachy waves or just blow dried straight.The lob haircut is here to stay. The lob is a long version of the bob.

Another classic haircut that has been updated is the pixie. Instead of the short pixie, it is now the long pixie haircut. Leaving some length on top allows for movement. Cutting the sides of the hair short really brings out bone structure and eyes. Hey, it’s hair, it grows back!

This is another haircut that is trending but a little shorter version of a pixie.

Trending Now: Color

It is true that it seems that every celebrity was shaving the sides of their head, chopping their luscious locs and bleaching their hair. Look at Katie Perry, Kim Kardashian or Katy Rose.  Even Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, is blonde. Not just any blonde is trending right now, white bleach blonde is oh so hot….

Oh and by the way, before I get to far away from what is trending now in haircuts, let me say this. Curtain bangs are all the rage! Bangs have been so, so for a long time. Not any more. Pinterest will tell you that curtain bangs popularity has exploded 600% I’m not allowed to steal photos off the internet or I would show you and I have failed to take client photos so I apologize.

Adding bangs to bobs though is another way to switch things up for the spring and summer. It is nice to see that bangs are back. I have missed them.

Although I love the whole extreme balayage thing, those days are long gone. Trending is the subtle and natural look on dark hair of caramel highlights.

An easy transformation from caramel highlights is auburn tints. Any stylists can put a glaze over the caramel highlights and “poof” without damage you will have auburn tints. This is a great way to transition in fall. It is also trending right now. It will last about 5-6 weeks and then your hair will go back to the original caramel color. Here is a client of mine that we did just that to. Look at the drastic difference. She went a dark red, although it is possible to go more of an auburn red.

Keeping your haircut and your hair color up to date keeps you looking great. You deserve that. If you need any help, we are here for you. Thanks for reading!


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