Extension Questions Answered

Extension Questions Answered There are 4 essential extension questions that most clients love to ask right from the start: How much do extensions cost? Are extensions damaging? How long do extension lasts?, And what kind of extensions are the best? Let’s start with the last question, first. What Kind of Extensions are Best? The type […]

Getting Perfect Hair Extensions

Getting Perfect Hair Extensions To get the perfect hair extensions you must figure out what type of extensions are best suited for you. There are several different types of hair extensions. For example, there are I-tips, tape-ins and ones that are actually glued to your hair (Keratin). Deciding on which kind is bested suited for […]

Are you Ready for Hair Extensions?

In this blog I will attempt to answer many of your question about hair extensions. Hair extensions not only add length to your hair but they will also add fullness. If your hair is very short (1-4 inches) it is best to let your hair grow a bit before putting in hair extensions or at […]