Studio 229 Spa Now Offering Sugaring

I would like to introduce the lovely Cecilia to Studio 229. She is our new Esthetician. She is leasing the spa across the hall and getting her new business SKIN off to a great start. Her specialty is organic skin care and hair removal in the form of sugaring.



Wax is an adhesive, meaning that it adheres to your skin. As a result, when you remove the wax (and hair) from your skin, you will experience a good bit of pain. Unlike waxing. our sugar paste does not adhere to your skin; therefore, it is a lot less painful when the hair and sugar is removed. Plus, with sugar we remove hair in the natural direction of growth. The end result is beautiful, silky smooth skin.

The sugaring process is totally safe, is completely natural and water soluble. In fact, our product is so safe that it is even edible. When you choose to use sugar, you veer away from the chemical-based waxing products that are typically used in the hair removal process.

Sugaring will not:

  • Damage your skin
  • Burn your skin
  • Scar your hair follicles
  • Promote ingrown hair
  • Cause unsightly “pits” for your facial skin

Sugaring is far superior to wax when it comes to protecting your skin and keeping it smooth and supple.

SKIN at Studio 229 the sugar is applied in the natural direction of growth for your hair. That is in contrast to waxing, which removes against the grain. This only causes unnecessary pain and discomfort. By going with the grain, sugaring removes hair with less pain.

Also, sugar doesn’t stick to live skin cells. Wax does. When you turn to sugar for hair removal, you use something that isn’t an adhesive.

Feel free to call the salon or book online at if you would like to come and see Cecilia and experience this less painful, organic, better form of hair removal.

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