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K18 Biomimetic Hairscience

K18 is a hair colorist’s dream conditioner.  I like to use it in conjunction with Olaplex. But, it has a couple advantages over Olaplex when

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Tricks for Healthy Hair

Genetics play a role but tricks for healthy hair include your diet, the weather and your overall approach to hair care. Here are some tricks

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red hair color balayage

Hair Salon, Hair Color

Hair Salon Hair Color When you go to the hair salon for hair color, stylist are analyzing more than your hair. Expert stylists are also

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K18 Patented Conditioner

K18 With Bleach and Color K18 is a conditioner that repairs, strengthens and protects your hair while bleaching and coloring. K18 was patented after a

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Flat Tip Extensions

Flat tip extensions are the newest type of micro-bead extensions. What makes them superior to regular micro-bead extensions is that the flat tip allows for

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Sydney P Esthetics

Meet Sydney P Esthetics, she is the newest member of the Studio 229 Hair and Spa team: Sydney is a graduate of the Euro Institute

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extensions for length

Extensions for length

Darcie’s hair is shoulder length and she really wants long hair. The problem is that Darcie’s hair grows painfully slow. Since she’s my girl, and

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Shag Haircut

Shag Haircuts

Shag Haircuts are really, really in right now. They work well on both curly and straight hair. They frame your face and bring out your

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Corrective Hair Color

Black Hair Color If you have been putting black hair dye on your hair and now you want to lighten your hair:  Guess what? Corrective

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covid_19 Hair Color

Covid-19 Hair Color

Covid-19 Hair Color Since we are in the middle of what feels like a never ending pandemic. Keeping your hair color on point is important. 

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Spring into Balayage?

As we approach Spring, we engage in this question again, should you balayage your hair? You already know that a balayage will add a lot

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Darcie does hair

Darcie Saxton at Studio 229

Here is Darcie at the hair salon doing her thing. Darcie specializes in lived in hair color, balayages and haircuts. She loves creating handcrafted hair

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Extension Questions Answered

Extension Questions Answered There are 4 essential extension questions that most clients love to ask right from the start: How much do extensions cost? Are

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Hair Salon Definitions

Hair Salon Definitions Introduction Have you ever felt like you need a special dictionary to understand hair salon definitions? Most of us know what a

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Amazing Hair Color

Amazing Hair Color Amazing hair color begins with shine, texture and flow. In order to achieve amazing hair color you need an amazing stylist. Amazing

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Natural/Organic Products

Natural/Organic Products Natural/Organic Products are the best choice for your hair, skin and the planet. The reason is because additives like sulfates strip out hair

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