As we approach Spring, we engage in this question again, should you balayage your hair? You already know that a balayage will add a lot of dimension to your hair. You know that a balayage will give you a lot less grow out than say foils or highlights and provide for easy maintenance of your hair color. However, none the less, there is still the maintenance issue. Then, there is also the issue of cost. We all know nothing is cheaper or lower maintenance than just doing nothing.

However, doing nothing is boring and looks like you have done just that – nothing. Most of us, including myself like to look nice. Whether we are professionals, or are doing it for ourselves, or the that special someone, we take pride in keeping our appearance up.

One of the nice things about balayage is that it can be done very subtle. It can brighten ones face up for the Spring without setting back the bank account too much. It can even be done without too much of a grow out so that it never has to be touched up. However, the key is to look at a lot of photos and have a consultations with your stylist to make sure that the look that you desire is one that works both on your hair, and for maintenance. There are so many variations of balayage, each with there own maintenance and cost associations. Some looks even take a couple of visits to fully achieve.

Therefore, it is best to get a consultation. Most salons, including Studio 229, offer free consultations. If you come in for a consultation or book a balayage have photos that you have collected of balayages that you like. Ask your stylist questions, before the service like how much will it cost and how often will you have to have it done. This way you will know if it fits into your budget this Spring and in the future.

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Happy Spring!! — DeAnna

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