Wearing Short Haircuts

Exercise #1: Tell Your Mother to go to hell.

Not in the literal sense.  Write it down. All those negative comments about how you should wear your hair. Tell her how you really feel. The point isn’t to hurt her, but to help you. Then get rid of it.  AND the ugly voice inside of your head. Now that you’re free, let’s get to business.

Exercise #2 Own your short haircut

There are many amazing short haircuts that can look great on all head shapes and facial structures. The key is to pick the correct one for your specific head shape and facial structure. Although you may be one of the lucky ones, who can wear anything, not everyone is. Check out this lovely lucky one:

Fashionable designer collection with the use of metal wire. Avant-garde style. Futurism.

Notice how the lines of her hair and her bone structure are in sync. Simply beautiful.

Not everyone can wear their hair like this. However there are a lot of short hairstyles that one can wear: modified pixie, modified wedge, layered short bob. Keep in mind that all haircuts can be modified to fit your face/head shape.

Let’s take a look at some haircuts. Starting with a classic pixie, and moving on to longer haircuts will give you some ideas of how you may want to wear your hair.


Another resource for the classic pixie can be found here:


The pixie is the shortest other than shaved sides. So let’s look at something with a little more length on top.

Notice how despite this girl’s larger nose she can still wear this cute shorter cut. Yes, I said it. Doesn’t mean she isn’t adorable! Personally though I think the sides would look better tightened up a tad.

This one is a bit more “wedge” like:

(I’m not sure what’s going on with her shirt)

This one above is cute too but I also think that modifying the back and taking it “in” a bit would be nice.

If you are growing out your short haircut the natural progression seems to be a bob. This is because it develops some weight at the bottom of your hair line. Also, consider adding some hair color to your short haircut. It just keeps things snazzy. Check out these layered modified bobs:

Don’t be afraid to shave underneath. We hear at Studio 229 do free maintenance haircuts in between your haircut in order to keep that up for you. We also offer online booking at http://www.studio229.net/request/ Hope to see you soon!

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