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Almost everyone in Seattle would love the “Best Balayage,” but what exactly is a great balayage? That depends. It depends on what you are looking for. It may be a simple lightening of 2-3 shades and a toner over the top or it could be a process that takes a couple of visits and must be put in foils in order to get enough lift if your hair is dark or has previous hair color on it. The good news is there are some new techniques out there that help you get the best balayage in Seattle. You can also get it done in record time thanks to these techniques that help apply the lightener easier, faster and with no weird lines or uneven color.

The stylists here at Studio 229 Hair Design have been using a balayage technique developed  by the Italian company Alter Ego lately with special sponges and brushes. The sponges allow application of the lightner faster and the brushes are of a high quality. Blending the lightner is much easier than the old method of Balayaging the hair. Time wise the application is cut down from about an hour to 15 minutes. There is no mess like the old techniques so lightening and toning becomes the main focus. It is about time that techniques have been perfected, as the old ways of doing balayages were too time consuming and messy.

The Italians have also come up with a superior lightening agent that lifts with less damage. It lifts faster, and is perfect for a great hair color, mainly balayages.


Balayage and Tone in the salon

These things are important because as you get your hair color touched up you don’t want to keep overlapping your lightener. Overlapping lightener will eventually cause damage which can lead to breakage. Also, the lightener has lots of conditioning properties and works as fast as possible. This ensures the least damage and best possible outcome. If you have fine hair or previously colored hair consider using the bond multiplier, Olaplex which will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

We are always here to answer more questions. Feel free to call the salon at 206*322*6325. If you would like to keep reading here is another blog about balayages

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