Let’s face it, reds wow! It’s that time of season again when people are thinking about change. Changing your hair color to red that wow, will never go out of style. There is a red hair color for every skin tone too. Therefore reds will always look good on you because there are so many choices of red hair color to choose from.

For example, there is vivid red, copper red and brown red.  All of these  reds  can be done with highlights or lowlights. Let’s take a looks at some examples:


Bright reds that wow!


more bright red

If these are a little too bright for you, adding bright red in the form of highlights would be another option:


bright red streaks

The upper streaks are actually extensions which is kinda cool because no fading.

Or you could add a couple of colors:

Adding these darker red streaks is nice because when the color fades it becomes a bit more auburn


Notice how her base color is also colored a dark red brown.

Now let’s take a look at some lighter reds:


This client also has a couple of highlights added in her auburn hair.


Auburn hair. red that wows, for sure!


Auburn Highlights on dark brown hair.


Brown red hair with auburn highlights.

The above client started with black hair and we are in the process of lightening her hair.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. This is just a couple examples of the different types of reds, reds and more reds that can be done on your hair. With a little imagination, and a good consultation we can figure out just the right hair color to brighten up a dark mood or day.





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