Lash and brow tinting

Lash brow tinting. We all want perfect, full Hollywood brows, but not all of us are born with naturally dark brows. That is why the experts at Studio 229 are here to provide you with just that! Tinting is a great way to get a darker, more prominent look. The treatment is quick and super easy! First Vaseline will be applied around the brow area to prevent any tint from staining your skin. The tint will then be applied to your brows and take just a few short minutes to process. It is extremely important to voice your desired, finished result. The Esthetician will then remove the tint reveling your new look! The tint should last you between 4 and 6 weeks.

Also for those with lighter eyelashes, lash tinting is a great way to take one step off of your makeup routine! Lash tinting is amazing in making your eyes pop. Lash tinting lasts roughly the same amount of time as the brow tinting. It is very tedious and should ONLY be done by a trained professional. Our staff at Studio 229 is ready to bring you a new and exciting look for the Holidays!





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