K18 Patented Conditioner

K18 With Bleach and Color

K18 is a conditioner that repairs, strengthens and protects your hair while bleaching and coloring. K18 was patented after a decade of scanning and testing and is truly revolutionary. The miracle molecule carries amino acids into the cortex of hair to reconnect keratin chains and reconform disulfide bonds to bring damaged strands back to their original, youthful state, while coloring and bleaching!

K18 vs. Olaplex

Both K18 and Olaplex are patented products. They both work well while coloring and bleaching and they can be used together. K18 however, has the ability to penetrate the cuticle of the hair. Olaplex sits on the top of the cuticle. Also, K18 works well for to protect the hair from heat damage.

Balayage and Foils

Here at Studio 229 Hair Salon, we have been spraying K18 on the hair before we put any lightener or bleach on the hair. We also add Olaplex to the lightener. What we have found is that many times the hair feels healthier after the lightening process! We then use the K18 4 minute, leave-in mask.

After 30 years as a stylist, I can honestly say this is the best conditioning product I have ever used. I’m not the only one who thinks so:

If you want to try the product we carry it here at studio 229. Or if you want to try using it while getting your hair colored feel free to contact or book an appointment. Here are our links

If you are at all interested in this product it comes in a one use size for $12. I highly recommend trying it.


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