K18 is a hair colorist’s dream conditioner.  I like to use it in conjunction with Olaplex. But, it has a couple advantages over Olaplex when it comes to lightening the hair. You no longer have to make several visits to achieve several levels of lightening with this amazing conditioner.

The Science

The scientists at K18 have found a way to mimic the “natural structure of keratin building blocks (amino acid sequences). The K18 bioactive peptide is recognized as natural by the hair, perfectly fitting in and reconnecting broken keratin chains. And because it is the right puzzle piece to reconnect these broken pieces or damage sites, it’s not washed away by water or shampoo like traditional bonding agents.” Hence the hair mimics its natural state even after harsh chemical treatments.


Studio 229 Biomin
Hair Strands showing broken keratin chains

The Product

K18 has two products. The spray mist is made for salon use only, and is applied before a color or lightening service to keep the peptide bonds in place during the chemical service. The second product is the leave-on mask that is clinically proven to repair & reverse damage from chemical services and thermal styling– in 4 minutes.

Studio 229 K18 Pro-mist-mask
K18 Patented Conditioner

Here at Studio 229 on Capitol Hill in Seattle we have been using K18 since we first heard about it. And we have had some amazing results. Clients love how much healthier their hair is despite harsh chemical services.

Studio 229 Long bleached hair
Long Bleached Hair
Studio 229 K18 Conditioner bleached with shadow root
Bleach w/shadow root

If you are thinking about going lighter, even a highlight, I highly recommend K18. It also acts as a heat protector. Although it is pricey at $80 a bottle, it’s worth every penny.