Highlights on Your Hair

Highlights on your hair are a great way to add some dimension. Even if you have a balayage right now, highlights create a little blending between your balayage and the root area. I love to put a couple of babylights around the face to refresh a balayage and then paint some lightener on the ends. This is a really quick way to refresh things and brighten a hair color that has gotten dull with time. Add a nice toner over the top and wala — perfection.



She still has her beautiful balayage but now she also has dimensional hair color all the way to the top. Her hair will grow out well and she can come in in 2-3 months if she would like and get her roots touched up with a partial highlight or she can bump her base a little and go for more of a balayage look. Either way the maintenance is minimal for someone who wears their hair this blonde.

Granted her natural color is pretty light. Consider staying a more caramel color if you are looking for low maintenance and you have dark hair. You can still get the same great look. It will probably look better on your skin tone too as people with dark hair tend to have a darker skin tone that looks better with keeping the hair a little bit warmer. Although I have seen all sorts of colors on all skin tones and am surprised at what people pull off. It’s all about your personal style.

For example this pretty lady had black hair color on her hair. She wanted to go ash blonde. After her second appointment we finally got her to an ash blonde and got most of the orange out of her ends. We did a balayage on her but put it in foils to keep the heat in and bring up the color. Of course we used the bond multiplyer, #Olaplex to keep her hair healthy. Although she is part Jamaican, so she has darker skin, this blonde hair looks very good on her.

Olaplex keeps your hair healthy while lightening: http://www.studio229.net/olaplex-studio-229/

I highly recommend it.


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