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When you go to the hair salon for hair color, stylist are analyzing more than your hair. Expert stylists are also analyzing your lifestyle, how you dress, how often you come in to the salon to see exactly how to proceed. Although it is the hair salons job to make recommendations based on this criteria, it is ultimately your decision on what you choose to have done with your hair color.

Hair Color Maintenance

The recommendations that a stylist makes at the salon for your hair color are judgements based on what you tell them. They are based on the hair color maintenance or how often you will have to come back to the hair salon to keep your hair color looking great. I guess this category falls under lifestyle.Although some hair colors require little to no maintenance, other hair colors require touch-ups every 4 weeks. One example would be all over bleach. An example of a color needing little to no maintenance is a gloss which is a non-ammonia based color. It is deposit only and adds a ton of shine.

How You Dress

How you dress is significant to a hair stylist because it says a lot about you. It’s a statement and so is your hair color. Hair stylist sometimes gage how dramatic to take your hair based on you, your style, your shoes. How else are we supposed to gage the small differences? Sure we can look at photos, and we do. But there are always those subtle differences between blending hair color and a distinct line. Let me show you.

Here is a more distinct line:

You can see in this hair color that there is a distinct balayaged lines to the top of her head and lightened hair at the bottom for a pazzazy look. 

Here is a more blended hair color:

As you can see both are beautiful one is  just a little more conservative than the other. Both are balayaged hair colors, using the same technique. They are just done with different hair colors and applied a bit differently.

If you are interested in a consultation to discuss your personal hair color bookings can be made here 


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