Hair Salon Definitions

Hair Salon Definitions


Have you ever felt like you need a special dictionary to understand hair salon definitions? Most of us know what a pixie or bob haircut is but the word texture gets used to describe both haircuts and color. Wait, what? Words like balayage and foilayage are hard enough to pronounce let alone understand. Well, let’s set the record straight and define these hair salon terms in a clear, easy to understand salon definitions list.

Color Hair Salon Definitions

All over color: #color Hair color, either permanent or Demi permanent that is applied to all of the hair. The color can either go darker or lighter depending on the volume of peroxide used.

Peroxide:  #peroxide Peroxide activates the hair color.  Peroxide also opens the cuticle of each hair follicle in order for the hair to accept the hair color.

Glaze: #glaze A glaze is a Demi permanent all over hair color that has no ammonia. The peroxide is very low and therefore can only deposit color or make your hair darker. It can also be used to tone hair. It also has a lot of conditioning qualities.

Rose gold glaze over a balayage

Foil #foil A foil is the sectioning and then weaving of small strands of hair to achieve a multi-dimensional look.

Highlight #highlight A highlight is basically the same as a foil where the stylist weaves sections of hair for a dimensional look.

Highlight with a couple of colors added. A toner was applied for refinement.

Toner: #toner A toner is used after your hair has been lightened to refine the hair color and make it look amazing.

Foilayage #foilayage (foil- lee- ayge) A foilayage gives the same look as a balayage but is put into foil because the hair is either too dark or has previously been colored. The foils keep the lightner moist and hold in heat. Therefore the hair comes up lighter.

Balayage #balayage (ba.- lee –ayge) A balayage hair color is hand painted and blended by the stylist physically. Therefore the growout is natural because there is a less of a distinct line between the two colors.

Balayage was done a couple of times to get this light on the ends. She has dark hair color on the roots to cover gray.

Bleach and tone #bleachandtone  Bleach is applied all over one’s head and then a toner is applied to refine the color.

Bleach and tone on top. Added a couple extensions for a splash of color

Semi-permanent hair color/fashion hair color. #fashioncolors  The hair must be pre lightened or bleached in order for the colors to take.

Pre-lightened hair. Custom mixed hair color of pinks and silver to achieve a slightly mauve color


Oh, texture to describe both haircut and color? I won’t leave you hanging. When used to describe a haircut it’s the movement created by cutting shorter hairs throughout. With color, it’s the amount of dimensional different colors. Often they compliment each other. But wait, there’s one more definition. Texture also refers to the amount of curl or the weight in your hair. It’s where the strands of your hair create shape. This is why having the right stylist is so important. A seasoned stylist understands how to create balance and weight in both your color and haircut. This will help you maintain your hair and your hair will grow out nicer.

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