Hair Color Tones and Trends

Forever now the ashy tones have been in and trendy. Let’s face it though, they just don’t look good on everyone. Not to mention, the ashy tones tend to be more damaging on your hair and wash out some skin tones. Whats more is the ashy cool tones do not look as natural as warmer tones. Therefore, I’m excited to see that warmer tones are starting to make a comeback. Who can wear these warmer tones? People with ashy, cool skin – that’s who.

Tones and Trends:

You can go more of a buttery blonde, not yellow. Also, be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your toner in your hair. Tepid water also helps maintain your toner.  Adding lowlights will also give you a more natural effect and give you more dimension.

Anything that has dimension with a little darker root and lighter ends is going to pop. Check out the cover of In Style where Julia Robert’s hair color rules the page:


Even though we all know that her natural hair color is dark, her hair color looks natural, not overdone and simple. She perhaps could use a trim, but her hair tone is on point, not to ashy or gold.

According to most blog sites and stars that color their hair balayage is out and foiling is in. However, in Seattle most people still enjoy getting their hair balayaged. I think this is because the hair grows out a little better, without the heavy line of demarcation. The same rules apply to the tone and dimension whether you are foiling or balayaging.  Or perhaps a combination of the two. I think stylist creativity plays a great deal into the technique aspect. As long as you are getting the desired results, know what looks best on you (even if you choose something different) and are seeing a stylist who is familiar with all techniques to give your hair the best outcome then your golden.

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