When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), once you are fully vaccinated, you can resume the activities you did prior to the pandemic. Except where required by state, local or federal law, you can resume your regular activities without wearing a mask or social distancing. However, when it comes to wearing masks, Businesses and tribal law can set their own mandates.

The CDC has a lot of great information on being vaccinated. For example, they warn that If you have a condition or are taking medications that weaken your immune system, you may NOT be fully protected. Even if you are fully vaccinated, you may want to talk to your healthcare provider. Especially, if you think you may need to continue taking all precautions as outlined by the CDC.

All of the staff at Studio 229 are in compliance with the CDC guidelines for being fully vaccinated. The goal is so no client feels uncomfortable. If you are high risk, not fully vaccinated, or just not ready to take off your mask, we will gladly put ours on. We are all used to wearing our masks and have just started to occasionally take them off.

Now that we are almost on the other side of the pandemic and business has returned to almost normal, we would like to thank our loyal clients once again for pulling us through another very difficult time.

During the pandemic, we silently celebrated 30 years of business on Broadway in Seattle. Yay!

Thank you so much!


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