Foil Techniques

At Studio 229 we take pride in Using Proven Salon Foil Techniques that Lead to Consistent Client Satisfaction and Well Being

One such foil technique is the use of traditional foils in applying color for highlights and lowlights. A number of stylists at Studio 229 have mastered this method with great success. Although in recent years, balayage hair color has taken center stage, foils are making a comeback and offer more control over color placement and desired color results.

Foil techniques offer a greater variety of colors because many colors can be put into your hair at the same time without the bleeding of colors. This allows for greater dimension. and, if done subtly, a more natural look.

foil with babylights

Wait! Haven’t you been told that balayage offer a better grow out? This can be true if traditional foils are painted to close to the scalp. Some people prefer this look and some people prefer a feathering application. Truth be told, it just depends on the technique. The technique will offer the results. Hence, the look and how the hair grows out.

Here’s the thing also, if your hair is dark and you want to go 4 shades or more lighter, you must use foils to accomplish the task.

black hair color Black hair color
lightened from black Lightened 4+ shades with foils

Or perhaps you want a big color change, again you must use foils.

The use of foils keep the hair lightener contained and allows for maximum penetration. Foils can also be very damaging so having a well-versed stylist is important.

Sometimes the stylist at Studio 229 will do a foilyage (basically a balayage in foils) the first appointment. Then the second appointment do a foil combined with a balayage for maximum dimension and longevity.

Using foils to take hair from one color to another is a technique that is used with great success.

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