Female Pompadour

The female pompadour is back and not just for the guys! Justin Timberlake was among the first to rock this super edgy hip version of the classic 50’s pompadour. The trendy version is worn a little messier and often accompanied with shaved sides to exaggerate the difference in fullness. It is starting to become trendy for even the ladies! imagesYou can get the female pompadour look without losing the length by pulling the top layers forward and the bottom layers back. Teasing the hair forward will help keep your hair in place. Also try styling cream or hairspray to keep bottom layers close to the scalp.

AnnaLynne-McCord-With-pompadour-hairstyleTry a classy business female pompadour look with a teased and pomped pony! This style is fun, sexy and very sophisticated. Much easier then it looks, allowing a fast up do that looks like you spent hours on!


If you feel super edgy you can go all the way with the shaved sides. This female pompadour will take a lot of keep up and maintenance but well worth it. Even with how short the cut is, it can still appear very feminine.

No matter if you want to wear the female pompadour for a day or rock it day to day, this is a must try! Show off your eyes and open up your face!

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