Current Hair Trends

Current hair trends that may appeal to you or give you ideas as to how you may want to style or color and cut your hair. I hope that some of these ideas give you inspiration!

Dye it Blue

Blue is one of the hottest colors of 2018. An electric blue has been seen all over fashion runways this season. Also seen in Sci-fi thrillers like Hailey Baldwin. Mixing this fabulous color is fun, current and trendy:

For the more experimental hair chameleons out there, be warned, blue does not wash out easily. If you are are afraid of commitment you may want to avoid this color.

Keep Your Natural Curl

There is a current trend with natural textured hair. Keeping your curl is not only trendy, but easy and beautiful. Forget the relaxor curly girls, this is your year!

Avoid brushing textured hair. Use your fingers on wet hair, apply product and then just leave it alone.

Dirty Blonde

From Selena Gomez to Lily Collins, dirty blonde is the new A-list hair colour trend du jour. Keep the roots dark, and the lengths a warm golden blonde to get the trend bang on. It is true that it use to be about getting your hair whiter and whiter because it seemed so unattainable. I’ve been saying it for awhile now, golden shades are the new platinum.

palette of hair colors on golden blonde hair

Big & Bouncy

There was a time when everyone seemed to use a straightening iron. Now, it  seems like everyone uses the curling iron. Sometimes it’s beachy waves and sometimes it’s smaller curls, with a little Puff Me:

and hairspray. This is a great product for lift at the roots. Whatever the case, it’s all about a whole lot of bounce to keep up with the models at fashion week this year. Think Cindy Crawford and her white T-shirt and jeans. It really is a timeless look.


A little granny chic, a whole lot of Rivera cool. Head scarves are back. Working there way down Marc Jacobs runway and Derek Lam’s, grab your aunt’s printed silk head scarf to look oh so SS18.

Ideally scarfs should be worn with an Italian luxe and feel. Wear it tied flat around the head with a low chignon with bounce at the crown and embrace the flyaway texture to keep it young and cool. Antique patterns and textures make it a real feature.

Bobs with Fringes

Bobs and even longer cuts are trending with more layers and fringes. This provides more of a natural and fuller look to the hair. It makes it easier for you to curl your hair and also makes styling your hair fun because there is facial framing. It gives your face and eyes points of connection which can really enhance your features as well.

Although her hair is fine it still has lots of fringy texture.

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