Covid-19 Hair Color

Since we are in the middle of what feels like a never ending pandemic. Keeping your hair color on point is important.  Especially since most of us want to keep things as normal as possible. Plus, if you are like many of us who have to wear masks all day long at work, having your hair color done seems even more important. Many of us have just gotten back to work after long lay-offs, furloughs, or may still be unemployed and trying to make ends meet. Therefore, knowing what is the most cost effective way to keep your covid-19 hair color on point will be discussed.

All Over Hair Color

Normally all over hair color is used to either cover gray or to totally change your natural hair color. If you are using it to cover gray hair, go as close to your natural hair color as possible. This will allow for you to go longer in between services. Plus that saves you money. You can also use spray or color mascaras made especially for in between color services (if the grays are really, really bothering you).

If you are using all over hair color to totally change your hair color than you get a heavy line of demarcation within a couple of weeks. You may want to consider switching over to a partial foil using hair color. Disclaimer: this will work for about 75% of people depending on thickness and color you are using. This method provides a more varied look and allows for you to come to the salon about half as often. 


A foilyage is basically a balayage in foils. The reason the hair is put in foils is to keep the heat in so that it will lighten  faster and not dry out. This technique is used when you would like your hair lighter or your hair color is darker than the three shades or so that hand painting with no foils will naturally bring up the hair. With a balayage or foilyage the lightener is not taken all the way to the scalp so the grow out is softer. This allows for easy maintenance. In fact, some people go 6 months in between services! 



Foils are a great way to get a lot of dimension in your hair. Traditionally foils go all the way to the root, but since we have evolved as hair stylists,  often techniques are combined. For example, foils are often applied, then the ends of the hair balayaged to lighten them even more. Also, foils and all over color can be combined to  cover gray or lighten the hair even more. Perhaps going from all over color to foils to balayage may be a way to go from visiting the salon every six weeks to every 6 months! Something to think about.

Foils [Foils]


Balayage can be very subtle or very dramatic depending on your desires. It can go almost all the way to the root or be more Ombre and half way down your head. The great thing about balayage is that if you choose balayage or even a light color, you can go a long time in between hair color services. Even if you have an all over bleach, it is easy to do a reverse balayage and move you into what we are today calling your covid-19 hair color and make your hair low maintenance. Here is a great example of a before and after balayage:

before Before AfterAfter 

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