Corrective Hair Color

Corrective Hair Color takes training and Skill.  There are many types of corrective hair color. For example it is considered corrective hair color to go from black hair color to blonde hair color. Sometimes a client comes in and she has had a hair color that is a hot mess. I hope this is not you! Of course, this is also considered corrective hair color. Other times clients put box dye on their hair. This is corrective hair color because many of those chemicals contain products that make it unpredictable as to what affects the color will have when recoloring. Not to mention, there are so many harmful chemicals in box dyes (most of which are outlawed in Europe) that cause all sorts of cancers. Here is a link to an article that talks about that if you are interested.

Training and Skill when applied to Corrective Hair Color

Training and skill are two separate and distinct things. It is important that stylist keep up on the latest techniques and go to classes. Especially when it comes to corrective hair color. This means more than watching You-Tube videos. I have seen so many stylists think that they can get all there training from watching videos. This is ridiculous. Here at Studio 229 in Seattle I insist that stylists and Estheticians alike do hands on training with industry leaders. I don’t care how long one has been doing hair or how booked one is. Keeping up with the current trends and newest techniques in order to offer our clients the best the industry has to offer is a must!

Skills are acquired once training has been achieved. The more a stylist performs his or her duties the better they become. Since Studio 229 keeps stylists current on their training, stylists are able to build on their trainings and build skills on top of skills, making them a high end premier salon. Studio 229 does not talk the talk but walks the walk.

Black to Blonde is Corrective Hair Color

Taking your hair from black to blonde will require more than one visit in order to keep your hair healthy. We also would recommend using the bond multiplier Olaplex.   



Unfortunately, the red color in between the blonde and black is pretty close to what you can expect, perhaps a little lighter depending on the technique used and the length of time you have been coloring your hair black.

Hot Mess Hair

Sometimes, people come in and their hair is a hot mess. I don’t want to say where or how it happened. It just did. It now needs some serious love. Usually people’s hair can be corrected in one visit, max two. It their hair is blonde it is easier than if it is darker. Don’t fret though we here at Studio 229 have fixed many hot messes in our day and I’m sure will fix many more. Here’s a photo of one that can be fixed in one day. Whether she chooses to have some low lights put in for dimension or just have the blonde evened out and toned we can fix her up and make her hair beautiful again. Of course, she needs a haircut and deep conditioning treatment (Olaplex) as well.

Box Hair Dye

Please do not use box hair dye! Many box hair dyes contain so many chemicals that there is no way for stylists to tell how the color we put on your hair is going to react. Some even contain metallic dyes that will not come out and no matter what I put on your hair it is going to turn green. With box dye, I cannot guarantee results. Please also read the article link above about the harmful effects of box dye on your health. One more thing, box dye looks fake.

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