Corrective Hair Color

Black Hair Color

If you have been putting black hair dye on your hair and now you want to lighten your hair:  Guess what? Corrective hair color. If you think you can be instantly blonde, think again. Black hair dye will have to go through several different tones to get lighter. Some pretty ugly tones too. If you like red and orange, no problem. But if you prefer soft browns and subtle hues please be patient and see a professional stylist. It will take 3-4 visits to go from black hair to blonde hair if you want to keep your hair healthy. In both of the photos below the models started with black or dark brown hair color. It took three sessions to get them this light.

Three sessions

Red Hair Color

If you have been putting red hair dye on your hair and now you want to lighten your hair, then the same process applies. It seems like red would be a lot easier than black hair color to lighten, but it’s not. Red hair color is corrective hair color on steroids. Red hair color has the largest molecules and after a few colorings it really grabs onto the hair making it very difficult to remove. The least damaging way is to process it through several highlighting sessions.  Below is an example of a client who had a plum hair color after one foilyage session:

Even though a dark brown was used on her hair where the lightener was not used, the red shows through. The red molecules are so large that even though they fade fast they won’t disappear quickly. It’s a dichotomy. This website explains it well

If you want to change your red or black hair color, or need corrective hair color, we at Studio 229 would be happy to help. Feel free to give us a call at (206)322-6325 to discuss your personal situation. 

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