Extensions, Hair Color

Extensions and Hair Color are like peanut butter and jelly or Yin and Yang. Extensions and hair color must match perfectly. Therefore, it is best to have your extension stylist also color your hair. When you are looking for an expert extension stylist, make sure that stylist colors hair well. There is nothing worse, or […]

Seattle Best Balayage

Seattle Best Balayage Almost everyone in Seattle would love the “Best Balayage,” but what exactly is a great balayage? That depends. It depends on what you are looking for. It may be a simple lightening of 2-3 shades and a toner over the top or it could be a process that takes a couple of […]

Best Balayage Hair Color

      Best Balayage Hair Color Consider these things to get the best balayage hair color: The stylist: Make sure that the stylist you see has had advanced training. Specifically in Facebook page and check out their work and make sure that their work is on point: https://www.facebook.com/Studio-229-Hair-Design-and-Spa-264918051418/?ref=bookmarks There is one link for you to check […]