Radiant Redheads

Radiant Redheads Radiant redheads exclaim, “Red hair don’t care!” There are a lot of red hair colors and it certainly doesn’t have to be Fall to think about changing one’s hair color to red. The great thing about red hair color is that there are so many different shades of red hair color that anyone, […]

Summer Blonde Hair

Summer Blonde Hair Considerations Who doesn’t want Summer blonde hair. Going a little lighter for summer is always a good idea. The question is how much lighter? This would depend on how fare or ash your skin tone is. Also, take into consideration your natural hair color. One would also want to think about the […]

Beautiful Dimensional Hair Color: Match Skin Tone

Beautiful Dimensional Hair Color: Match Skin Tone When stylist talk about dimensional hair color we may be talking about many things. Most importantly though, it must match your skin tone. There are not only several techniques as those of you know who have been following my blogs, but many different outcomes. Today I would like to […]

Fall Hair Color 2014

Fall hair has finally arrived here in Seattle and the leaves are changing colors here on Broadway on Capitol Hill at Studio 229 Hair Design. We are excited because that means that many people are choosing to take their summer lightened hair color a little darker for fall hair fun. Many people are wanting to […]

Beautiful Brown Hair Color

Nothing says elegant and understated like the subtle glamor of perfectly colored beautiful brown hair color. What sets just plain old box colored brown apart from the beautiful, dimensional, sparkling coffees, toffees, caramels and espressos seen on the heads of celebrities?   The answer: foils. Most of those beautiful, perfectly toned, multi-dimensional shades of rich […]