Benefits of Balayage Color

The benefits balayage hair color go beyond any other type of hair color in history. Balayage hair color is painted onto the hair for a more natural and easier grow out. Balayage Hair Color is the only hair color that can be done every six months and still look great. This is why balayage color has become popular among every age group. Not only is balayage color low maintenance, it’s also beautiful. This is because balayage can add a ton of dimension. Balayage can also be customized to fit your lifestyle. As you can see, there are a ton of benefits to balayage color but let me explain in little detail because, there’s more!

Low Maintenance

I know that earlier I stated that balayage hair color can be done every six months and still look great. The truth is that some people even go a whole year. I recommend going as long as you feel comfortable. Also, to be honest, your hair will look better if you “refresh” it with a glaze. This is a non-amonia, gel-like hair color made by Redken. This will keep your color looking great. Perhaps do this about every 3 months. This is because when your hair is lightened it doesn’t come up to the beautiful color that it is when you leave the salon. It fades with time. Refreshing your hair color can make it seem new again. This process is a lot cheaper and faster than the whole balayage lightening process.

Benefit Balayage Hair Color: Dimensional Hair Color

Balayage hair color is traditionally darker at the root and lighter at the ends. There also traditionally tends to be some face framing lighter pieces. Although there are many different customizable types of balayage hair colors, painting lightener onto your hair is the name of the game. Lightening your natural color is easiest but you may have hair color on your hair. Balayage is still the perfect way to get dimension with your hair color. Your stylist may have to cover your hair with saran wrap or may choose to do a technique called foilyage if you want to go lighter. Either way the same look can be achieved. Here are some photos of grown out and new balayage hair colors.

As you can see this balayage is very grown out. However the color still looks shiny because she has refreshed it with a glaze.


Full Balayage. Suzi gets her Balayage done about every 8 months. As you can see the blonde will continue to grow down but her natural color remains at the root. If you have gray hair, your stylist can just do your roots until your balayage need to be brought up.
Custom Balayage. Her face is framed a little lighter and her ends are very light. With this balayage, she has more subtle color painted higher to blend.
The back of the head. Same client as above.

More benefits balayage hair color:


These are just a couple, of many, customizable looks and benefits that can be achieved with balayage hair color. Literally any combination or hair color can be utilized to make the balayage service unique to you. A seasoned stylist would take into consideration the thickness of your hair, your natural hair color and texture, the condition of your hair, and of course, your desires and lifestyle (how much maintenance you are willing to do, and your job requirements).

Other customizable looks include less or more hair color. Your natural color can be totally changed. Here is an extreme example where we bleached a clients hair and then did a balayage hair color in pastels adding a couple of extensions.

Since the color above is such an extreme example, here is a subtle more highlighted look.

Left: Before, Middle: During, Right: After.

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